About Us

Soul and Cinder started when we made the decision to set our foundations in Lincolnshire. As two twenty-something, creative individuals we wanted to ensure our home was reflective of our contemporary style, as well as honouring our new found love of the great outdoors.
When we started searching for artwork we just couldn’t find anything that combined ‘country-living’ with ‘contemporary style’ and quickly decided that there was only one option - to create something ourselves.
Danny (being the natural artist) set upon the task of creating our distinctive blackwork style and using this to create beautiful animal and plant illustrations.
After a few posts of our new artwork on social media we could see there was a demand for our prints!
This takes us to where we are today… creating nature-inspired art and design content for you and your home.
Feel free to get in touch about any queries, suggestions, feedback or just for a chat at info@soulandcinder.com or write to us at:
1 Branston Close,